Proprietary AI

In order to provide the analysis/processing response at the speed of commercial processing equipment we have developed our own sets of proprietary learning AI algorithms.

We set ourselves apart because our technology is optionally deployed on premise allowing it to analyze quality and foreign material simultaneously and in real time without needing a cloud infrastructure.


Industry Leading Cameras

We partner closely with one of the premier hyper-spectral camera manufactures in the world. Through this relationship we are able to determine the exact imaging needs for each use case and customize a complete solution that is optimized to meet the specific requirements of that use case.


On Premise

We partner with Nvidia. The world leader in GPU based processors. By utilizing their series of AI GPU-based processors we tailor the processing power for each solution.

This allows us to provide the best economic solution for each use case.

With Big Advantages

Hyper Spectral Imaging has a lot of advantages over the Near-Infrared Imaging, the current leader in the market.