The Next Leap in Food Safety and Quality Analysis


Hyper Spectral AI

ImagoAI helps food processing companies improve operational efficiency and reduce product recall risk through automated food analysis utilizing state of the art imagery solutions and proprietary AI technologies.

Saving You Time and Money

Decrease food supply chain waste by up to 30%
Prevent up to 98% of costly product recalls
Increase revenue up to 20% through superior food grading
Scan 100% of product in real time

All in Real Time

Foreign Object Detection

Unlike current FM detection methods our foreign object detection solutions can identify even the smallest low-density objects like paper, wood, microplastics, feathers, and clear plastics. We virtually eliminate product recalls because we can analyze 100% of the product at production line speeds.

Quality Grading in Real Time

Our quality grading system analyzes even the most complex quality parameters in real time. We can interface with your existing dashboards and automatic rejection systems to provide analytics to easily understand insights of your commodities and to automatically eject product that does not meet the quality requirements.

With Real-World Results

“We have been using imagoAi for the past 16 months.  We are amazed with the real time speed, 99% accuracy and ease of adoption.”
– GM Digital Services, @ Dupont Pioneer
“We would like to express our sincere appreciation to imagoAi for implementing a system within 3 weeks with 99% precision for our key quality metrics.  ”
– R&D, @ Mayhco
We are leading a revolution in food safety and quality.  Interested?  Contact us today!